Saturday, June 5, 2010

It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year

The official Emmy ballots were posted last night, and in just over a month this year's nominees will be revealed. Emmy season is in full swing at last! This means my Twitter feed will be full of #Emmy commentary, and my blog is finally back in business (but only because I need a place to post all my brilliant Emmy thoughts). Maybe the constant Emmy blogging will inspire me to update more consistently, and we'll even see an non-Emmy-related post or two (possible, but highly doubtful).

My mind has been nonstop thinking about the awards. After downloading the nomination ballots last night, I promptly examined them for approximately two hours, comparing them to the wish lists and predictions that I've been working on since September. I'm currently trying to finish Friday Night Lights and the second season of The United States of Tara, so I can factor them into my Emmy lists in time. I hope to watch the first two seasons of Breaking Bad when those are completed, but I will probably be unable to find a legal way to watch the third season before nominations are announced. I can't watch every single show in consideration, but I sure can try! However, this does mean that certain shows such as House, Community, and Cougar Town will be left off of my lists (mainly due to their inabilities to hold my interest for more than one episode, though I have heard great things about all three).

In the next few weeks, you can expect to see several posts depicting my "Emmy Wish Lists" that include all of my personal nominees for their respective categories, as well as my official predictions, which will be posted shortly before nomination day (July 8, 2010). In the meantime, I have a DVD calling my name, and I don't have much time left to watch. May your Emmy season be as merry as mine!

Coming Soon: My picks for Outstanding Writing in a Comedy and Drama Series

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