Saturday, January 9, 2010

2010 Premieres - Get Excited!

It's the start of a new year, and that means it's just about time for midseason premieres! Hiatus is over, and my shows are coming back! Plus, networks are rolling out brand new series and new seasons of old favorites.

I'll be watching:

5. The Deep End
Grey's Anatomy in a law firm? Count me in!

4. Big Love - Season 4
The good news? It's tomorrow! The bad news? I have yet to see season three. Once I finish my epic re-watching of Lost seasons one through five, Big Love is next on my list. The HBO story about a man with three wives may not sound normal, but the domestic drama examines issues experienced in any home, polygamist or not, and that is what makes it so great. The show keeps improving with each season, so I can't wait to see where seasons three and four take the Henrickson clan.

3. Parenthood
I never really got into Gilmore Girls, but thanks to my roommate's midday marathons, I've been exposed to quite a few episodes. Lauren Graham quickly caught my eye. After Maura Tierney pulled out of the Parenthood pilot due to breast cancer, Graham, her replacement, seems to be what everyone is talking about. Plus, I'll watch Peter Krause in just about anything. Oh, and did I mention Ron Howard?

2. Damages - Season 3
Another show I need to catch up with. The first season is one of my favorite seasons of dramatic television I've ever seen. When the (apparently not as amazing) second season hits the shelves on the 19th, I'll be first in line, ready to plow my way through those thirteen episodes and prepare for season three. Glenn Close and Rose Byrne are some of the most talented women on television. Believe me, that's saying something.

1. Lost - The Sixth and Final Season
Do I really need to say anything? I mean... it's Lost! The mysteries will finally be revealed, the loose ends finally tied up, and the stories will finally be complete. It's the final season and anything can happen! Is time going to restart? Is everyone going to die? What is the Island? Questions will finally be answered!

Honorable Mention:
Life Unexpected - A new CW series about a young girl in foster care who seeks out her birth parents. Initially, I wasn't too interested in watching it, but the critics won't stop raving about it.

Currently watching:
Lost Season 5
Episode 5 - This Place is Death

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