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Emmy Nominee Analysis: Supporting

Emmy week is finally upon us! The winners will be announced Sunday night, but until then I'll be providing a little insight into all of the major categories. Keep reading to find out who's in the lead and who doesn't even have a chance.

Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Comedy Series

Eric Stonestreet, Modern Family ("Fizbo") - At this point, it seems to be a battle between the men of Modern Family. Stonestreet's stronger episode puts him slightly ahead of Ty Burrell.
Ty Burrell, Modern Family ("Up All Night") - But it would be no surprise to see the hilarious Burrell take the trophy on Sunday night. He's definitely earned it as one of the breakout stars on the hit comedy series.

Dark Horse:
Chris Colfer, Glee ("Laryngitis") - Colfer gives a great dramatic performance, but his episode lacks the comedic elements that put the Family men in the lead. Still, the Emmy love for Glee this year could carry over in a victory for the young actor.

Wild Card:
Jon Cryer, Two and a Half Men ("Captain Terry's Spray-On Hair") - I only count him as a wild card because he was a major surprise win last year. Everyone predicted last year's host, Neil Patrick Harris, to take home the trophy, but Cryer stole it from him. There's always a chance he could do it again this year to the men of Modern Family.

The Rest:
Neil Patrick Harris, How I Met Your Mother ("Girls vs. Suits") - He's already won two trophies at this year's Creative Arts Emmys. Perhaps voters will feel they've rewarded him enough for one year and don't need to honor him for a lackluster season of Mother.
Jesse Tyler Ferguson, Modern Family ("Family Portrait") - He's comically overshadowed by most of his show's cast, and he has virtually no chance this year.

Supporting Actress in a Comedy Series

Jane Lynch, Glee ("Power of Madonna") - This category is probably the biggest lock of the night. Lynch gave one of the funniest and most buzzed about performances of the year, and she will be rewarded for that.

Dark Horse:
Julie Bowen, Modern Family ("My Funky Valentine") - If anyone could take down Lynch this year, it's Bowen. She had a good year and submitted her best episode, but it's still not going to happen. Maybe next year, Julie.

The Rest:
Jane Krakowski, 30 Rock ("Black Light Attack") - She's definitely deserving of the award, but too many strong newcomers kick Krakowski out of the running this year.
Sofia Vergara, Modern Family ("Not in My House") - If she had submitted a different episode, she might have had a fighting chance.
Holland Taylor, Two and a Half Men ("Give Me Your Thumb") - It was a surprise to see Taylor return to the race this year, and it would be an even bigger surprise to see her win over the other much more deserving actresses.
Kristin Wiig, Saturday Night Live ("Host James Franco") - I doubt the Emmys will reward a variety series performance over the rest of the competition, especially in such a weak season of SNL.

Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Drama

Terry O'Quinn, Lost ("The Substitute") - In the show's final season O'Quinn gave the standout performance as the show's ultimate villain. He's already won for the role of John Locke, and this season a whole new element was added to his character(s). Lost has received a great amount of attention this year as the series came to its grand finale, and this could push O'Quinn towards another deserving victory.
Aarol Paul, Breaking Bad ("Half Measures") - Paul was predicted to come out on top last year but failed to beat Michael Emerson. This year he still has a legitimate shot; he gives a critically acclaimed performance on one of the best dramas on television, and it would be fantastic to see him win. He certainly deserves it.

Wild Card:
Andre Braugher, Men of a Certain Age ("Powerless") - The man already has a few Emmys under his belt as well as a few more nominations. It would be no surprise to see his barely noticed, yet highly praised performance win him another trophy.

The Rest:
Michael Emerson, Lost ("Dr. Linus") - Emerson submitted a great episode, so he still has a pretty good chance of winning. Looking at the final season of Lost as whole though, Locke's storyline clearly overshadows Ben's, which is why Emerson lacks O'Quinn's frontrunner status.
Martin Short, Damages ("You Haven't Replaced Me Yet") - Short is a respected comic actor who truly excelled in his dramatic role on Damages. However, he will most likely be overlooked for much more buzzed about roles from much more buzzed about shows.
John Slattery, Mad Men ("The Gypsy and the Hobo") - Slattery is great, but his performance is not quite on the same level of drama as the other contenders.

Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Drama Series

Elisabeth Moss, Mad Men ("Love Among the Ruins") - She was able to break into the Lead Actress category for the same role last year, which is something the rest of these women haven't done. She could be the first actor on Mad Men to earn an Emmy. Finally.
Christine Baranski, The Good Wife ("Bang") - She may not be the best actress on the show, but she is the oldest and most respected. She gives a strong performance, and the Emmys love veteran actors, lawyers, and The Good Wife.

Wild Card:
Sharon Gless, Burn Notice ("Devil You Know") - Burn Notice may not seem like typical Emmy material, but Gless is another respected veteran actress. She's a previous Emmy winner for Cagney & Lacey, so she could definitely steal this category based on that alone.

Dark Horse:
Christina Hendricks, Mad Men ("Guy Walks Into an Advertising Agency") - Several critics have her picked to win, but I see her more as an underdog in this category. It still stuns me that Hendricks got recognized in a season where she was absent for a significant amount of time but not for season two, where she had her strongest material ever.

The Rest:
Archie Panjabi, The Good Wife ("Hi") - Unfortunately, her acting is too subtle to be recognized by Emmy voters, no matter how much everyone else loves her.
Rose Byrne, Damages ("Your Secrets Are Safe") - She could have been very competitive in this category, but her episode submission was weak. Plus, Emmy love for Damages has dwindled this year.

Coming Soon: My analysis for comedy and drama leads

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